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  • “ "Mother of Sun" is a spine-tingling, lush production showcasing Chantitown's finely nuanced vocals soaked in immersive reflection." ”

    Music Week by Alice Dempsey 20|06|18

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  • “ “With her debut EP incoming, it's time for this talented artist to fully unveil her music, an outward-reaching, globe-spanning thirst for inspiration. 'Cause And The Cure' leads the way, and its rooted in that bold, unequivocal vocal.” ”

    CLASH Mag, by Robin Murray 23|05|18

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  • “ "The entire collection is inspiring, powerful, and timeless. The empowering feeling is something that is needed in today's world. It's real and relatable collection overall with her authentic and originality that represents who she is as an artist" ”

    Pure M Magazine, by Danielle Hollian 03|08|18

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  • “ "There is a grace at the heart of Chantitown’s music which has rarely been seen amongst modern artists. The real charm is this seamless blend of an ambient acoustic vibe with seeping electronica, of majestic but distant atmospherics, of intrigue and anticipation, of restraint and understatement." ”

    The Swindonian, by Dave Franklin 03|05|18

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  • “ "Filling the room with a haunting melancholia as the captivating compositions roll from the speakers. The hypnotic draw to the music is the superlative voice as it is given space to spread its wings. The combinations of keys, acoustic guitar and electronica generate the dreamy atmosphere of the songs which have a tempting beauty that gently thread around the listener as the mesmerising textures layer through the ears." ”

    Emerging Indie Bands, by Tim Whale 22|07|18

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  • “ "Chantitown is a London-born singer/songwriter who is about to break the chains that hold back many indie artists. Her angelic voice is mesmerizing. Her music has the rare affect of making you stop what you are doing and experience the hypnotizing melodic tones. TRULY AMAZING!!!!" ”

    Sound Kharma 13|07|18

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  • “ "Chantitown's soulful voice compliments the full production work, making it clear that she has been refining her art since the age of 13, since she is in full control of this track." ”

    Scuzz Hub 16|08|18

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    Indie Music, by Sam Hate 03|12|18

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  • “ "The cinematic quality of her debut music video deserves all credit...she strikes a balance between the organic percussion and her smooth delivery, you have no choice but to become a fan of her music!"

    Electro Wow 04|07|18

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  • “ "Chantitown delivers a sound of pure poetry on the enigmatic “Cause and The Cure”. ”

    Exposed Vocals 23|06|18

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  • “ "With a body of work of over 300 songs, this is just the beginning for this talented musician." ”

    - Made In Shoreditch (Jul 24, 2018) 24|07|18

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  • “ "This project actually marks the very first EP release for Chantitown, and the achievement is absolutely remarkable, especially when you consider that this is actually a first for this performer…what a milestone indeed!" ”

    Band Camp Diaries 10|05|18

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